Our Solutions

We offer modern, reasonably-priced index and data management solutions for stock exchanges, banks, and asset managers.

Our Business

Our consistent and disciplined application of systematic and methodical procedure models enables our clients to achieve a sustainable maximisation of performance and results.


For more than twenty years now, our first-class index solutions have produced extraordinary results. Our customer demands are catered for with great expertise and highest quality.

What clients say about us

“We use a large number of index products. We’re very taken with the high quality and availability of data as well as the straightforward licensing model, all for an attractive price, and are very satisfied with the liaison.”

“Through our use of Index Intelligence products, we have greatly expanded on our savings potential.”

“We just have to license the data we actually need.”

“Our customised demands are implemented quickly and in a straightforward manner. Are far as compliance is concerned, we’re always on the safe side.”