SIPUGday – 28./29. October 2019 in Zurich

Index Intelligence is again a sponsor of the annual SIPUGday at the Hotel Marriott in Zurich. SIPUGday has established itself as a fixed value on the Swiss market. The event focuses on financial information, in particular market and index data and technologies. Market data managers, purchasing and IT specialists from the financial and commodities sector from the D/A/CH-LI sector meet annually for this event. Exhibitors include data providers, service providers, stock exchanges, rating and news agencies as well as start-up companies in the Data & Finance Technology sector.

This year the focus will be on China. The Chinese economy is rapidly evolving from a commodity producer for the Western world to a technology giant driving innovation for other parts of the world. The Chinese government is urging the industry to move quickly into the digital age by using state-of-the-art technologies. In addition, the large number of well-trained Chinese enables the country to transform the copy into a creative vision already visible from world-leading technology companies such as WeChat, Huawei and many others. The Year of the PIG is likely to make the changes more visible than ever, and it is expected to have a significant impact on the banking and financial industry in our region.